Amazon Prime Now May Cause More Wrecks in Virginia

By Mike Snellings, Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon and been surprised at how fast it arrived at your doorstep? Amazon’s free two-day shipping for Prime members is a very popular option for those who enjoy shopping from the comfort of their couch. Now, Amazon has unleashed their new delivery method: Amazon Prime Now. The service’s name is a fairly apt description. Amazon offers to deliver the items within one or two hours of purchase.  


 It sounds like a win/win for consumers. It may not be for other drivers. Given the pressure to deliver the goods on time, mistakes can be made that have catastrophic consequences and result in injuries. The time-of-delivery promises may encourage careless and/or reckless driving.

Recently the Virginian-Pilot wrote about how a 24 year-old driver reached her destination in 34 minutes. Although this sounds impressive, it raises some serious questions. What happens when the clock shows it has been 50 minutes? 55 minutes? 58 minutes? As Amazon promises delivery within the hour, the pressure is on the driver to make it there on time.

Adding to the pressure, the drivers are also working for tips—further incentivizing a speedy delivery. Amazon does not pay for the driver’s gas, insurance, and/or mileage for the deliveries. Amazon touts that their drivers make an average of $18 to $24 (with tips). But, after taking into account those three costs of operating their personal vehicles, the tips for timely deliveries can be the factor that separates a great payday and waste of time.

Although the website does not say what happens when an item arrives after the designated delivery time, the driver will most likely bear the brunt of the consequences.

As the clock ticks closer to the one-hour deadline, the driver may exceed the speed limit, roll through a stop sign, or proceed through a yellow light as it turns red. Many accidents are caused because the driver of a vehicle is in a hurry and acts in a more carelessly than he or she normally would. We see many accidents occurring at intersections in Virginia.

Have you been injured by someone who was in a rush and not properly paying attention to the road? We have helped thousands of people whose lives were impacted as a result of another driver’s carelessness. Please give us a call at 757-455-0077 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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