Chesapeake is the Most Deadly City in Virginia for Auto Crashes

Chesapeake was the most deadly city for car, truck and motorcycle crashes in the state in 2015, recording more deaths than the larger cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, according to the Virginia Highway Safety Office.

The 2015 Virginia, Traffic Crash Facts report, compiles the most recent figures available. It found there were 18 deaths on the roads of Chesapeake in 2015. The city saw 2,685 crashes over the year.

There were 16 traffic crashes in Virginia Beach in that period and 15 in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Newport News. Richmond recorded 14 deaths, and there were eight in Hampton and five in Portsmouth.

The number of road fatalities in Chesapeake was twice the number in 2014 when there were nine, although the overall number of wrecks was similar.

Virginia Beach was the most deadly city in 2014. It recorded the highest number of fatalities in the state that year with 30 deaths. Norfolk also saw fewer deaths in 2015. The city recorded 20 the previous year.

Virginia Beach saw more traffic injuries than any other city in the Commonwealth, 3,363 compared to 1,948 in Chesapeake in 2015. Norfolk recorded the third highest number of injuries of any Virginia City – 2,261. Richmond recorded the second highest number of injuries in the state.

Although Chesapeake was the scene of the most fatal crashes of any city in Virginia in 2015, it was not the most deadly location for wrecks in the state.

Military Highway Crashes Helped Make Chesapeake the Most Deadly City

There were 30 fatal wrecks and a staggering 14,024 crashes in Fairfax County in northern Virginia. Chesterfield County saw 28 deaths in 2015 and 2,538 injuries, making its highways the second most deadly in the Commonwealth.

As a Chesapeake native who attended Indian River High School, I am concerned to read about this spike in road deaths in my home city.

Chesapeake’s Military Highway saw a spate of fatal crashes in 2015 including the death of a motorcyclist on West Military Highway in Chesapeake.

These fast-moving, urban highways see numerous intersection accidents. Many residents of Chesapeake commute into Norfolk and the morning and evening rush hours can be congested times on the highways of Chesapeake. Often, fatal accidents occur in the mornings as drivers speed to get to work.

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