Congested Highways Lead to Hampton Roads Wrecks

I have been a life-long resident of the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area.  It's a great place to be from, to raise your kids, and to enjoy a high quality of life.  Unfortunately, it's a busy metropolitan area now.  Including all of the seven cities of Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News and Suffolk the total area is about a million and a half people.  This makes for very crowded roads.  Congestion equates to more car crashes and more injuries as well as even wrongful deaths.

The problem with congested highways among other things is that once there is a slowdown even just for high volume then all of a sudden traffic can come to a standstill even on a busy 55-mile-an-hour highway like the Interstate 64 corridor.

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When traffic suddenly stops there's always going to be a risk that someone won't be paying sufficient attention and slam into the back of the car in front of them.  Often this results in a chain reaction where the first car hits the second car who hits the car in front of them and so on.  Chain-reaction wrecks are not infrequent in Hampton and Norfolk, particularly near the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel or the Berkley Bridge, the scene of a wreck on Friday.

Often you see the drivers in the car next to you and it is a person on their cell phone or using their smartphone for what appears to be texting.  Often it's a young person but older people do it too.  This distracted driving because of smartphones and other gadgets available to people in cars is a real menace on the roads.  When people are on their cell phones they often don't realize that it only takes about a second to have the situation on the roadway change dramatically.  I'm pleased to see as many public safety warnings as we now see on TV about this.  But obviously, it's a significant problem.

Across the country, automobile wrecks are up in the past year or so.  Traffic fatalities are also on the increase.  As a commuter and a person traveling often on our roadways in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, I am thankful each night that I and my family get home safely.  Unfortunately, the average American will be in about 4 1/2 wrecks during their lifetime.  So the odds are against you of never having the unfortunate circumstance of being hurt in a car, truck or motorcycle accident.

If you have been hurt in a car crash see our Virginia car wrecks page or call our experienced automobile accident team at (757) 455-0077.

John Cooper

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