Contractor Lost Both His Legs in Virginia Auto Wreck

Emergency workers, tow truck drivers and highway patrol officers have very hazardous jobs on the highways of Virginia. We were saddened to read about a case in which a contractor lost both his legs in a Virginia auto wreck.

This terrible injury resulted in a settlement of $1.05 million, reported Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

The contractor was a conservator of the peace. He worked as a security officer for a private company that was contracted to patrol office parks in Chesterfield County. He was driving in his 2014 Ford Explorer which was equipped with safety lights as well as a police scanner and radio at the time of the wreck.

Contractor lost both his legs

emergency workers are in danger when they attend car wrecks

He assisted the scene of a multi-vehicle accident on Powhite Parkway in Chesterfield County after he heard police dispatchers saying there were no available units to attend the crash

The contractor had received training on working auto wreck scenes while working for his employer.  As he approached the accident scene, he noticed disabled vehicles were blocking all three of the westbound lanes of the Powhite Parkway overpass.

He put on his emergency lights, got out of his car, and went to open the back of it to retrieve his reflective vest.  He was struck by an oncoming pickup truck that was unable to stop due to black ice on the roadway.  The plaintiff sustained severe injuries as a result.

The impact was so severe, the contractor lost both of his legs above the knee as a result of the crash.

A claim was brought against the plaintiff’s employer’s insurance carrier. The truck driver claimed he was not liable because the bridge was covered in black ice and the contractor was negligent for getting out of his SUV. The case was settled for $1,050,000 shortly before a three-day trial was scheduled in Chesterfield County.

The contractor was represented by attorneys A. Blake Gayle, Jeffery Oppleman, and John Rasmussen from Richmond.

We were saddened to read about this terrible incident in which a contractor lost both his legs in a Virginia auto wreck.  While the plaintiff is lucky to be alive, he still will suffer the grave consequences of this injury for the rest of his life.  Accidents like this one prove that drivers should exercise extra caution when driving on icy roads.

Recently, we represented a young highway worker who lost both of his legs when he was hit by a drunk driver on I-264 in Norfolk. The settlement we negotiated helped this young man rebuild his life, but it’s always a struggle to recover from an injury of his magnitude.

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