Cooper Hurley Supports Heal The Warriors in Facebook Likes Campaign

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we are familiar with the terrible and debilitating symptoms of brain injuries in our work with people hurt in auto wrecks. A brain injury can be permanent and can severely impair the life of the sufferer.

We were interested to learn about the work of Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy and the Heal the Warriors project. We are happy to support this great organization in our latest Facebook ‘likes’ campaign.

For every new ‘like’ of our Facebook page, we’ll donate $1 to Heal the Warriors.

Sarah Stoltman-Miller works with veterans of America’s wars in a hyperbaric chamber in Norfolk. Recently, she set up the non-profit, Heal the Warriors, to provide free treatment to as many of them as possible. Heal The Warriors works with veterans, active duty service people and first responders.

Sarah first came into contact with hyperbaric chambers when she was a commercial diver and a dive medic in Louisiana a decade ago. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-established treatment for decompression sickness, a hazard of scuba diving.

However, Sarah later discovered another benefit when she worked at a clinic with Dr. Paul Hatch, who was researching the use of hyperbaric chambers for veterans who suffered blast injuries and post-concussion syndrome.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing 100 percent oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure. Breathing 100 percent oxygen under pressure forces the oxygen to dissolve into the tissue, the muscles, and the plasma.

Sarah reports amazing results with the technique. Many veterans who are suffering headaches or issues with sleeping say the treatment alleviates their symptoms.

The hyperbaric program is about eight weeks long.

Sarah said when veterans suffer brain injuries, their tissues are typically not dead but are “hibernating without oxygen.”

“When you are breathing 100 percent oxygen under pressure, it’s forcing that blood flow back into the brain,” Sarah said.

“Typically when a warrior comes in with a brain injury they have constant migraines, they sleep two to three hours a night. They have anxiety and depression. They drop out of school, they're having trouble in their relationship and anger problems.

“As they go through treatment they start sleeping seven or eight hours a night, their headaches go away, their personalities come out and their family members say they have their personalities back,” she said.

The downside is the treatment is not covered by health insurance, prompting Sarah to set up the non-profit.

“I decided I wanted to start a non-profit because I was unable to pay for all of these guys and women to come in,” she said.

Sarah has treated about 200 veterans. About 30 have benefitted from the non-profit.

Since starting our Facebook ‘likes’ campaign we have given checks to ForKids and Sugar Plum Bakery. We will be giving Blankets for the Homeless a check for $500 this month.

We owe our veterans a great debt for helping to keep our country safe. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to support this cause.

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