Cooper Hurley Supports Norfolk’s W D Tyree Ministries in Facebook ‘Likes’ Campaign

The next non-profit to be supported in Cooper Hurley’s quarterly ‘Facebook likes’ campaign is W. D. Tyree Ministries, a youth-focused ministry that works with teens in southern Norfolk.

The ministry was set up by William D Tyree, III, the Pastor of First Baptist Church in Berkley, Norfolk. Tyree works with young people in a deprived area.

“This ministry focuses on teens and upper adolescents to challenge them over five areas of growth in their lives; to develop and nurture confidence, competence, compassion, community, and character,” he said.

Tyree said these five factors make teens into positive adults to “ensure a brighter future for tomorrow.”

Tyree highlights projects such as a collaborative idea Tyree Ministries sponsored for students at St Helena Elementary School in Norfolk as part of Black History Month.

The children decided to pick characters from black history who they admired to“give them some goals and aspirations of what they wanted to see for their life,” he said.

“The children did an excellent job of typecasting themselves,” he said.

Tyree said in a deprived area teens don’t always realize the positive contribution they can make.

Tyree Ministries also works with projects overseas. The pastor said contributions go to rescuing girls from prostitution and orphans.

“There’s a sewing school which allows them to be able to learn a trade to become self-sufficient and to become positive, productive students,” he said.

“We have done integration with boys who were found on the street and put them in orphanages,” he said.

Tyree said the ministry has helped about 200-400 students overseas. Tyree has visited numerous third world countries and taken students in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania in East Africa, India, China, and Jamaica.

“I have been looking to take teams of young people to India to see just how they can make a difference in this world,” he said.

Please like our Facebook page so as we can support WD Tyree Ministries. Find out more about W. D. Tyree Ministries on its website.

Last week, Cooper Hurley attorney John Cooper presented a check for $500 to the charity we supported in our spring Facebook ‘likes’ campaign – Heal The Warriors. The non-profit is based in Norfolk.

The check was presented to Sarah Stoltman-Miller who works with veterans of wars and first responders who suffered brain injuries in a hyperbaric chamber in Norfolk. Sarah set up the non-profit, Heal the Warriors, to provide free treatment to as many of them as possible.

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we are happy to help great causes in the community. We work closely with the victims of brain injuries from car, truck and motorcycle accidents of slips and falls. Call us at (757) 455-0077.

Jim Hurley

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