Cooper Hurley Wins $895,000 Settlement for Portsmouth Tow Truck Driver Hit on I-664

Tow truck drivers do a dangerous job on the fast-moving interstates and highways of Hampton Roads. When they are at the roadside they are very vulnerable to reckless or drunken drivers. Sadly, a young man from Portsmouth suffered life-changing injuries when he was hit by an intoxicated driver on I-664.

All cases are unique and different and we cannot guarantee the same result in any given case. However,  we represented this young man and were happy to be able to secure a settlement of $895,000 for him. The case was reported this month in Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Tow truck driver is awarded $895,000 after crash

Our client was working on the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel between Newport News and Suffolk when a drunk driver with an alcohol content that was twice the legal limit, crashed into the back of his vehicle as he tried to secure the tow to a broken-down car.

The impact was so severe our client suffered a concussion, a displaced fracture of the clavicle, a broken ankle bone and injuries to his knee.

The tow truck driver was left in a state of delirium. He was dazed and confused after the wreck. An independent witness diagnosed a mild traumatic brain injury. In the days after the accident, he was wheelchair-bound and unable to work or even play with his kids.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers filed a case at Newport News Circuit Court. We fought the claim of the lawyers for the DUI driver’s insurance company who said our client had post-traumatic stress disorder but had not suffered a traumatic brain injury.

A mediation was held two months before the trial when the young man was awarded $895,000. The settlement was limited by the amount of insurance that was available.

While we are happy that this tow truck driver successfully sued the drunk driver, no amount of compensation can completely rebuild a life and a livelihood after a serious wreck, particularly when brain injuries are present.

Tow truck drivers have been protected for a number of years by Virginia’s expanded “move over” law that was enacted to protect the emergency services, but they continue to face dangers on a daily basis by drivers who don’t abide by this law.

Drunk drivers continue to take a terrible toll in terms of lives lost and ruined on the highways of Hampton Roads and Virginia. If you have been injured by a drunk driver in Virginia, see our resources here. Call us for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077. At Cooper Hurley, your injury is our fight.

John Cooper

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