Crash at Martinsville Speedway Injures 22 People

Virginia has a number of speedway circuits and they can be hazardous places if you are a driver or a spectator.

I was concerned to read about how 22 people were injured at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia over the weekend when a car ended up in a crowd.

The accident occurred after a race when a 2005 Chevy convertible tried to pass another vehicle in a parking lot at the speedway.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported the driver of the convertible lost control while passing a Jeep Patriot that was in line. It struck the Jeep and spun out of control and into a group of people who were walking nearby.

The hazards of race tracks

Race tracks can be dangerous places

Corinne Geller, Public Relations Director for the Virginia State Police, said 13 people were treated at the scene for injuries while another nine were transported to local hospitals. None of the injuries sustained appeared to be life threatening.

The report said the accident was attended by Ridgeway Volunteer Rescue, Ridgeway Volunteer Fire, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Henry County’s Department of Public Safety officials, the Martinsville Sheriff’s Office,  and workers from the speedway, along with state police.

The patients went to various hospitals. Seven were transported to Martinsville’s Memorial Hospital, with two going to Morehead Memorial in Eden, North Carolina. Those who were injured were aged 13 to 65.

Virginia State Police confirmed charges are pending against the driver of the Chevy convertible who was taken into police custody on Sunday night. State Police officials also stated that alcohol does not appear to have been a factor in the crash.

Speedway tracks can be dangerous places.  Recently the company that runs the Langley Speedway in Hampton agreed to pay $3 million to settle a negligence lawsuit brought by the family of a driver who was severely injured in a 2011 crash at Langley Speedway.

The driver was taking part in a program that allows amateurs to ride in race cars at tracks around the state. He lost control of the car, hit an apron and ended up colliding with a wall on the opposite side of the track. The impact caused the driver's seat to rise up and he struck his head. He sustained a skull fracture and was left with permanent brain damage after spending 19 days in a coma.

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