Dangerous Virginia Beach Laskin Road Feeder Lanes Face Removal

Anyone who regularly drives in Virginia Beach will be familiar with its notorious Laskin Road feeder lanes. These roads that run parallel with the main highway are baffling to drive on and a cause of accidents.

As a resident of Virginia Beach, I am pleased to note that the days of these feeder lanes appear to be numbered.

An article in the Virginian-Pilot in November noted the removal of the feeder lanes tops the city’s list of its next major highway projects.

Joe Taylor, a resident of Birdneck Acres and the owner of Taylor’s Do-It Center on Laskin Road, said the feeder lanes cause confusion and people don’t know what to do.

A new project is planned to replace Laskin Road feeder lanes

Laskin Road feeder lanes are a cause of confusion

He told the Pilot he’s seen drivers performing U-turns in his store’s parking lot to line up for the traffic light rather than risk accessing the main road from the feeder lanes.

As well as confusion the feeder lanes cause wrecks. In the summer of 2013, an armored truck crashed when a vehicle pulled out of the feeder lanes in front of it.

For years the City of Virginia Beach has sought to remove the Laskin Road feeder lanes as part of an ongoing Laskin Road safety assessment

Laskin Road Feeder Lanes Add to Confusion and Crashes

The Virginia Department of Transportation has taken preliminary steps to prepare for the improvements including rights of way acquisitions and relocation of utilities along the road corridor.

When the city receives the money for the project, it will be ready to go, and the tortuous feeder lanes will be history.

The city’s public works department submitted an application with three projects for SMART Scale. It hopes to garner millions of dollars from this state transportation funding program. Laskin Road is the city’s priority. If it is selected, funding would be allocated beginning in the fiscal year 2018, and improvements would begin in 2021, according to Paula Miller, a VDOT spokeswoman.

The result would be an eight-lane divided highway through the Hilltop area of Laskin Road. There will be a multi-use aspect. The Laskin Road project would include 14-foot-wide outside lanes for cyclists to use and a 10-foot-wide shared-use path on one side of the roadway, as well as a 5-foot-wide sidewalk on the other side.

In the meantime, drivers will have to continue to navigate the confusing feeder roads and stay off them whenever possible. As many as 29,000 travel the busy Hilltop stretch of Laskin Road each day. Congestion and safety are the city’s primary concerns.

The Pilot article stated the Laskin Road-First Colonial Road intersection is the fifth-most congested in the city. There have been 118 crashes. Of these,  37 involved injuries, since 2013 within the project area.

The City of Virginia Beach says most of the Laskin Road crashes have been angle crashes. The narrowness of the existing lanes is a contributing factor, the Public Works application states.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board is to review statewide transportation projects in January. Funding for selected projects will be allocated in July.

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