Deadly Dump Truck Crash Leads to Virginia Wrongful Death Case

Every few months, I read about how a deadly dump truck crash wipes out the life of a Virginian or causes serious injuries.

Dump trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the roads. They are bulky and often unstable with blind spots. Alarmingly, many dump trucks are driven in a reckless and dangerous manner.

Last year, we concluded a case in which a dump truck rear-ended a woman in Virginia Beach and left her with a brain injury. You don’t need to be a Virginia injury lawyer to know a brain injury can be permanent and ruin a life. All cases are different and no result is an indicator of a future verdict or settlement, but our client received a settlement of $675,000.

I was saddened to read about a terrible case reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly in which a woman lost her life due to the appalling driving of a dump truck.

The case report noted how the woman stopped to get gas at the Caroline Supermarket at the intersection of Partlow Road, Ladysmith Road, and Anderson Mill Road in Caroline County, Virginia.

Many terrible crashes on the highways of Virginia occur without warning and this was the case on Aug. 18, 2015. The highway curves close to the Caroline Supermarket. The speed limit on the road is 45 miles-per-hour but a sign at the curve warns drivers to slow to 25 MPH, noted the Virginia Lawyers Weekly report.

As the woman left the gas station heading east, a dump truck was approaching from the op­posite direction. As the truck round­ed the curve, its tires lifted from the pavement. The truck tipped over into the oncoming lane of travel and landed on top of the woman’s car crushing it. The woman was killed by the heavy dump truck.

Deadly dump truck crash in Caroline County killed woman

Dump trucks can be dangerous - a deadly dump truck crash killed a woman in Caroline County, VA

I was horrified to read the details of this deadly dump truck crash. These vehicles are often unstable but drivers should be aware of the dangers and control their speed on curves.

The victim was just a few months from her planned retirement date. She was unmarried and had no children. She was the caregiver for her two elderly parents. As a lawsuit progressed, the woman’s mother died and her father became more ill, requiring constant care at a local facility.

Attorneys for the woman’s estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit in December 2015. The suit named the driver of the dump truck, the driver’s employer, and the excavating company that filled the dumpster being hauled at the time of the fatal collision.

Trucking cases are often complex and involve thorough and painstaking evidence gathering. These cases may also cross state lines. Virginia Lawyers Weekly noted depositions of the trucking compa­ny’s Canadian-based GPS provider were held.

The case was settled shortly before a trial for $1.1 million. The attorneys for the victim’s estate were Ryan T. Walker, Greg S. Hooe, Kevin T. Hadden and Bryan L. Meadows from Richmond.

Losing a Life in a Deadly Dump Truck Crash in Virginia

We have seen a series of deadly dump truck crashes in recent months in Virginia. Just before Christmas, a passenger in an F150 pickup died in Virginia Beach when a Ford F150 struck a dump truck as the driver attempted to back up into a construction site on Princess Anne Road.

In February, a woman was killed by a dump truck on Route 460 near Petersburg. Police said the dump truck driver failed to see a red light at an intersection.

Dump trucks are being badly driven across the Commonwealth of Virginia and innocent people are paying with their lives. If you have lost a loved one in a deadly dump truck crash or another truck wreck, please call our experienced trucking accident team at (757) 455-0077.

John Cooper

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