Deaths in Caroline County, VA Highlight Boating Dangers

The recent boating deaths of a 4-year-old child and his 73-year-old grandfather in Caroline County has highlighted some of the dangers of boating.

The child and his grandfather were on a fishing trip. They died after their boat overturned, according to the TV station WRIC.

Over the next few weeks, the weather will get warmer and more people will head out onto the waterways of Hampton Roads.  More boating accidents occur in the summer months on The Chesapeake Bay, the Lynnhaven River, the James River or the Elizabeth River. Inevitably, there will be more accidents.

WRIC in Richmond reported that the body of 73-year-old Alvin “Boone” Clark was pulled from the water shortly on Sunday morning, according to Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa. 

Lippa said the body of a four-year-old from Tappahannock was pulled out of the water shortly after midnight Sunday after hours of searching.

It appears that a small boat overturned on a private pond of Sparta Road in Caroline County. This was a tragic accident, and my thoughts are with the family of those who died.

In some cases, another boater can be to blame for deaths and injuries. Last year, two boats collided in Gates County, NC, killing a husband and wife from Virginia.

Boating is governed by a set of rules in Virginia set out by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. There are speed restrictions on the water and rules on navigation. Not all people who climb into a boat are aware of these rules and the hidden dangers.

The waters off Hampton Roads can be very cold, particularly at the start of the season, and people get into trouble fast if a boat sinks.

You should always

1 Make sure you know where you are going

2 Make sure your vessel is seaworthy

3 Not be drinking alcohol if you are at the helm of a boat

4 Make sure to stick to speed limits

5 Draw up a float plan before you set out. U.S. Coast Guard has issued new guidance on how to create an effective float plan.

If you have been hurt in a boating accident or have lost a loved one, another boater or party could be to blame, and you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. Our Virginia personal injury lawyers can deal with all of your questions. Call us today at (757) 455-0077.

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