Deck Collapse Injures Three on Outer Banks of North Carolina

When vacationers arrive on the Outer Banks or in Virginia Beach they may have some idea of the potential risks they face such as heavy traffic, swimming pools or excess heat.

Chances are they won’t be aware of the possibility of structures such as decks or balconies collapsing.

Salvo. NC - the scene of a deck collapse

Salvo. NC

As an attorney who specializes in premises liability cases, I am reading about more and more deck collapses.

On Thursday night, one person was reported to be transported to a local hospital when a deck collapsed in Salvo in North Carolina, Dare County dispatchers said. More people were reported to have driven themselves to the medical facility.

Capt. Kevin Duprey of the Dare County Sheriff’s Office said the cause of the collapse had not been determined as of Friday. reported that three people were treated for non-life threatening injuries after a staircase between the first and second floor of the home gave way. Eight people were reported to be on the structure at the time of the collapse. Four people refused medical treatment.

Businesses such as rental companies and the owners of vacation homes are responsible for the maintenance of their properties. They can be sued if decks, stairs or balconies give way.

Recently, we noted how a property manager and an owner of a building paid $2.3 million to settle a lawsuit to six people who were seriously injured in a deck collapse in Virginia.

Last year, 24 people were injured in a deck collapse in Emerald Island in North Carolina.

Many decks were constructed in the 1980s and are at risk of falling apart without regular maintenance. The issue is particularly pressing in coastal communities where the salt can erode the elements that hold them together.

Figures from the Consumer Safety Commission suggest as many as 6,000 people are injured every year in deck collapses. If you are staying at a holiday home you should be aware of your surroundings and be aware of how many people are standing on a deck.

If you have been injured in a deck collapse in Virginia or North Carolina you may have rights to sue a property owner, a business or a management company. Please contact me for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077.

Griff O'Hanlon

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