Distracted Driving is Not Just Texting Anymore

Distracted driving crashes make for harrowing headlines, particularly in the summer when teen drivers are out of school and college.

And it’s not just texting anymore. A new survey reveals large numbers of teens check out a whole range of apps on their phones when they are driving.


A new report on CNN states that nearly 70 percent of teens said they use apps while driving, according to a newly-released survey of 2,500 high school-age children across the country.

While teens see driving under the influence of alcohol or texting as the most dangerous driving activities, just 6 percent said looking at social media or posting on it was the most dangerous or distracting behavior behind the wheel.

The study was carried out by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).

The CNN article suggested distracted driving is going under-reported. It noted another study by the National Safety Council that questioned 2,400 drivers of all ages. It found 74 percent would use Facebook while driving, and 37 percent said they would use Twitter while behind the wheel.

Deborah Hersman said the willingness of young people to use social media, is a “slippery slope.”

The studies were carried out before the Pokemon Go craze hit. There have already been documented cases of players crashing. In Baltimore, a driver playing Pokemon Go drove into an unoccupied cop car.

On our website, we note how the problem of distracted driving has become worse in the United States in recent years.

As many as 3,000 people die every year in wrecks involving a distracted driver and 10 percent of injuries on the roads are linked to distracted driving.

As apps become more sophisticated, the temptation for young drivers to become distracted increases. There is no shortage of public education about distracted driving although a lot of it is focused on texting. The rapid expansion of smart phone technology, means a distracted driver is now as likely to be on social media or playing a game than texting.

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