Driver Charged After Crash Causes Serious Injuries to A Newport News Moped Rider

DUI charges have been brought after a crash caused serious injuries to a Newport News moped rider.

The Daily Press reported a 25-year-old Newport News from Eureka Loop in the city, was identified as the driver of Toyota Camry involved in the wreck that caused serious injuries to a Newport News moped rider. He is charged with DUI and maiming another while DUI.

The investigation into the serious accident on the Bland Boulevard overpass is ongoing, police said.

A 20-year-old man driving a moped was seriously injured in the wreck with the Toyota on Thursday night. He was airlifted by Nightingale Air Ambulance to a local hospital.

Police and medics reported serious injuries to a Newport News moped rider on the overpass shortly after 10:30 p.m., police spokesman Master Police Officer Brandon Maynard said in a news release.

Serious injuries to a Newport News moped rider

Crash causes serious injuries to a Newport news moped rider

After arriving at the scene, first responders found the moped rider suffering from life-threatening injuries.

The other driver was detained, and a DUI investigation is underway, Maynard said.

Motorcyclists, scooter, and moped riders are among the most vulnerable users of the roads in Tidewater. In recent weeks, we have seen a series of accidents that have caused serious injuries and killed riders.

Last month, a number of riders lost their lives on our highways. They included a motorcyclist killed on High Street in Portsmouth.

The accident happened at the intersection of High Street and Jamestown Avenue,  just days after a wreck in Suffolk that claimed the lives of two riders.

Motorcyclists and moped riders lack the protection of a car’s frame. Even accidents at low speeds at intersections can throw them off their bikes and leave them with serious head injuries that are potentially life-threatening.

Every month, riders lose their lives due to careless drivers. Often car drivers making turns at intersections fail to see riders until it’s too late. Drunk driving also spikes during the summer months.

The serious injuries to a Newport News moped driver illustrate the vulnerability of those who are on two wheels. We hope this rider is able to make a recovery from these grave injuries.

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