Drug Company Johnson & Johnson Faces 17 Dangerous Products Trials

Drug giant Johnson & Johnson was hit with some of the largest dangerous drugs and devices lawsuit verdicts last year and 2017 could cost it millions of dollars more.

A recent Bloomberg article stated Johnson & Johnson was hit with six of the seven largest defective products actions of 2016 and 2017 may prove costly for the company too.

It faces at least 17 trials in state and federal courts this year in mass tort actions. Five J&J products are blamed for injuries and death.  They are:

1 Xarelto – a blood thinner linked to uncontrollable bleeding;

2 Talcum powder – lawsuits concern alleged links between Johnson’s Baby Powder and ovarian cancer.

3 Risperdal – The antipsychotic drug is linked to breast growth in boys.

4 – Artificial metal-on-metal hips – Hips made by the DePuy subsidiary are linked to premature failure and contamination.

5 – Transvaginal mesh – The mesh used to prevent prolapses is linked to damage to organs and bowl and bladder perforation.

Scale of Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits is Unusual for Big Pharma

The Bloomberg article pointed out lawsuits are routine for drug manufacturers. It’s a sad fact that these manufacturers make such massive profits they are cavalier about the health of users of the drugs and devices.

However, even by the standards of big pharma, the sheer volume of lawsuits facing Johnson & Johnson is unusual.

Bloomberg reports the total number of pending claims against J&J is 100,000 and growing rapidly, It’s rare for a drug company to have such a run of bad verdicts.

Johnson & Johnson was hit with a $1 billion verdict in December over hip implants and an earlier $72 million verdict over claims its talcum powder causes ovarian cancer.

The hearings keep coming in relation to products like transvaginal mesh. In December, J&J lost its appeal of an $11.1 million award to a woman from South Dakota who sued over the pain caused by the company’s mesh implant, used to strengthen weak pelvic muscles. Almost 55,000 claims related to the transvaginal mesh product are pending in courts and new cases are being filed.

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