Dump Truck Accidents in Norfolk Cause Serious Injuries

Dump truck accidents in Norfolk are often very serious. These are bulky vehicles that can pose a massive hazard on suburban streets.

I was alarmed to see images on the local TV station WAVY this week of a dump truck crashed into a yard in Norfolk.

Fortunately, no life-threatening injuries were reported. However, the driver of the dump truck was hurt and was taken to a local hospital.

The accident occurred on Hampton Boulevard on Tuesday. This highway carries a large volume of truck traffic to the ports even though many parts are residential.

Police said a Jaguar was backing out of a residence when the dump truck clipped it. The truck then left the road and went into a yard where it crashed into a tree.

Dump truck accidents in Norfolk are often very serious. Fortunately, nobody in the yard was hurt by this truck.

WAVY reported the driver of the Jaguar was charged with failure to yield.

Dump truck accidents in Norfolk

Dump truck accidents in Norfolk are often serious

This accident again highlights concerns about Hampton Boulevard, one of the busiest highways in Norfolk. We have seen a series of dump truck accidents in Hampton Roads in recent years.

Dump Truck Accidents in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach

Last year, a dump truck hit a van on S. Military Highway in Chesapeake, killing one person and injuring others, we noted on our trucking wreck blog.

The crash occurred at the intersection of S. Military Highway and Heidi Drive early in the morning.

Chesapeake police said three adults were in a van that was at the side of the road. They were changing a tire when a large dump truck struck them. One of three adults died at the accident scene while the other two adults in the van and the dump truck driver were transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Last December a passenger lost his life in a wreck with a dump truck in Virginia Beach. The passenger in an F150 pickup died the pickup hit a dump truck that was stopped in the westbound lane.

The dump truck driver was trying to back up into a construction site on Princess Anne Road. After the pickup hit the dump truck, it spun off onto the inside westbound lane, hitting a Honda CRV, police said.

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