Eastern Shore Motorcycle Crash Claims Life of Chesapeake Rider

I was saddened to read about another fatal crash in Hampton Roads - this time on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 

According to the report on WTKR, a motorcycle overturned after trying to avoid a 2002 Ford Focus after the Ford made an unsafe lane change.  Christina G. Bowman-Weaver from Chesapeake was a passenger on the motorcycle. She was ejected at the time of the crash.  She was transported to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital where she later died from her injuries.  The driver of the motorcycle did sustain some injuries but there were not life threatening. 

Both of the motorcycle riders were wearing proper safety helmets.

The crash occurred in the Nassawadox area of Northampton County in the southbound lanes of Route 13.  Our thoughts and sympathies are with the family of the victim.

Motorcycle crashes usually result in a higher rate of injury compared to accidents involving only automobiles for obvious reasons.  Automobiles provide a much larger buffer between their passengers and oncoming traffic and obstacles.  Automobile drivers must be cautious of motorcyclists.  This accident is a prime example of a driver not taking the proper precautions around a motorcyclist.  Because they are small, motorcycles sometimes do not appear in

Because they are small, motorcycles sometimes do not appear in side-view mirror, so it is imperative that drivers look over their shoulder to make sure there is not a motorcycle or other vehicle in their blind spot.  As the weather heats up there will likely be more motorcycles on the roads, and more traffic in our area.  Virginia Beach sees a huge rise in number cars on the road during the summer months.  Whether you’re a visitor or a local driver, be cautious and share the road with motorcyclists.  For more information on the upsurge in traffic due to tourism, read our recent blog post.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, make sure the victim seeks the proper medical treatment.  If the accident was not your fault, you should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.  The Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers handle a variety of personal injury matters.  While we cannot guarantee results, we can promise that we will work hard to resolve your case, or refer you to someone who can be of better help.  Call the Cooper Hurley team at 757.455.0077 for a free consultation.  When it really counts, count on Cooper Hurley.

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