Family of Boy Killed in Kansas Water Park Accident Awarded $20 Million

In Kansas, the family of a 10-year-old boy who lost his life on a waterslide will receive nearly $20 million in a settlement payment it was disclosed last week. However, no amount of money can compensate for their loss in this horrific water park accident.

The 10-year-old boy was killed on the  Verrückt water slide at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City, Kan., last year.

The Star reported the settlement was thought to be the largest of its kind paid out in a wrongful death case in either Kansas or Missouri.

The extreme ride was shuttered after the accident, the Star reported. The settlements amount to a total of $19,732,125 to the family of Caleb Schwab. The publication listed the breakdown as follows:

▪ $14 million from KC Water Park and SVV 1 and, two companies associated with the Texas-based water park company Schlitterbahn.

▪ A award of $5 million from Henry & Sons Construction, a general contractor that worked on the 17-story ride that broke records for water slide height.

▪ A payment of $500,000 from Zebec of North America. The company manufactured the raft that carried as many as three riders down the slide.

▪ $232,125 from National Aquatics Safety Co. and its founder, John Hunsucker, a consultant on the Verrückt water slide.

The death occurred on Aug. 7 last year when the water park allowed elected officials and their families to go into the park for free.

The Fatal Water Slide Accident in Kansas City

Caleb Schwab was the son of Scott Schwab, a Kansas House member from Olathe. He was riding Verrückt with two women when he died from a fatal neck wound.

Officials say Caleb’s raft went airborne and that hit a netting system placed above the slide that was propped up by metal poles. Given the speed of the ride, the impact proved to be deadly.

Accidents on water slides and roller coasters are rare but can be devastating when they do occur.

This month, a child was killed in England when she fell of the Splash Canyon ride at the Drayon Manor amusement park.

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