Ferris Wheel Fall Lawsuit is Filed in Tennessee

A Ferris wheel fall lawsuit has been filed in Greene County, Tennessee after three girls fell 40 feet from the ride last year.

The parents of two girls, Kayla and Briley Reynolds, filed a federal lawsuit, reported the TV station WBIR.

The girls fell 40 feet from the Ferris wheel last August at the Greene County Fair. Three children, in total, fell from the ride. Media reports said the ride is owned and operated by Dominic Macaroni along with his company, Family Attractions Amusement of Valdosta, Georgia.

The lawsuit said Briley spent two weeks in a local hospital after the fall from the ride. Kayla was treated overnight at Niswonger Children's’ Hospital. The Ferris wheel fall lawsuit claimed Briley suffered ongoing psychological and neurological conditions that impacted her school work.

The lawsuit brought by the parents Jason and Kimberly claims High-Lite Rides, Macaroni, and Family Attractions were responsible for misconduct, negligence, liability, and the infliction of emotional distress on the part of ride-manufacturer

Details of the Ferris Wheel Fall Lawsuit

The lawsuit alludes to a report in November from the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. That study revealed a bent ‘skid plate’ could have caused the girls to fall.

The report was obtained by the TV station via an open records request. It revealed investigators focused on a bent plate on the Ferris wheel early on. Initial findings suggested it could have caught on a cross bar, pitching the girls off the ride. This information may be important in the Ferris wheel fall lawsuit.

The WBIR.com report stated a ride operated by Family Attractions LLC malfunctioned in 2013, injuring a family at the North Carolina State Fair, according to a report by the North Carolina Department of Labor.

In the past, we have noted serious questions over rides at amusement parks and water parks. The accident in Tennessee occurred around the same time as the 10-year-old son of a legislator died on a water ride in Kansas City.

Figures from the Consumer Product Safety Commission reveal as many as 45,000 injuries are linked to with amusement rides and water slides every year. The majority of these – more than 30,000 - involved injuries to people under the age of 18.

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