Fiery Wrong Way Wreck in Vermont Kills Five Teens

Head-on collisions are the most deadly we see on the roads of Virginia and elsewhere. I was horrified to read a report from Vermont this week about a wrong way wreck on Interstate 89 that left five teenagers dead and others injured.

The at-fault driver was heading the wrong way on Interstate 89. The impact caused a fiery wreck that killed five teens aged 16 and 15.

A report on CBS stated police had already received dozens of calls about the wrong way driver before the crash. While the officers tried to put out the fire, the at-fault driver stole a police cruiser and drove away from the scene, according to reports.

After heading south for a short distance, the driver allegedly turned around and drove north toward the crash scene, hitting more vehicles in the process.

He struck the pickup at about 100 mph, according to reports and the police cruiser burst into flames.

Five more victims of this horrific series of crashes were taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

The wrong way driver was arrested at the scene and taken to UVM Medical Center.  He was listed in critical condition on Sunday night.

First responders were unable to say how many people were injured in the wreck. The injuries reported were not life-threatening.

You can find more about wrong way drivers here on our website. Head-on collisions are likely to result from wrong way driving and are the most deadly kinds of wrecks.

Common Causes of Wrong Way Wrecks

1 – Drunk driving and driving impaired by drugs.

2 – Inattentive driving

3 – Fatigued driving at night

4 – Escaping law enforcement.

A study carried out by the National Transportation Safety Board in 2012 found the death rate associated with wrong way accidents is 27 times higher than that of other kinds of wreck.

My thoughts are with the families of these young people who lost their lives in such a terrible and unnecessary manner in this wrong way wreck in Vermont.

Drunk drivers who cause wrong way crashes are often younger drivers. The incidence of wrong way driving also increases after the age of 70.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a wrong way wreck in Virginia, North Carolina or elsewhere please call our personal injury team at (757) 455-0077.

Jim Hurley

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