Fighter Marcus Kowal Says Goodbye to Son Killed in Wreck that Led to Drunk Driving Charge

There can be few more powerful and heartbreaking arguments against drunk driving than the pictures in the media today of MMA fighter Marcus Kowal and his partner Mishel Eder saying goodbye to their 15-month-old son Liam.

The boy was kept alive after a hit-and-run accident in California on Saturday. His life support machine was turned off on Tuesday night and pictures were posted on social media of the boy’s tiny hand.

Marcus Kowal posted pictures of his dead son after DUI wreck

Marcus Kowal posted last photos of his son on Facebook

The child was mown down on a crosswalk in Hawthorne, California. A 72-year-old woman has been charged with felony hit and run and felony drunk driving.
Mixed martial arts fighter Kowal, who is from Sweden, wrote on social media about how he loved his son. Eder shared a picture showing her holding her son’s hand next to a soft toy with the words. She wrote.

“Saying goodbye to my light, my love before he goes to save lives. This pain is unbearable. Liam, I love you. Hug your children, kiss them always.”


There are no words to describe the poignancy of these pictures and words. This was an entirely avoidable incident caused by someone who should not have been behind the wheel. To apparently attempt to escape a tragedy like this makes this driver’s actions even more appalling.

The force of the impact as the car hit the 15-month-old’s stroller left the infant with internal injuries and brain dead on life support.

The boy’s 15-year-old aunt was seriously injured in the crash. Kowal, who was also on the sidewalk, was uninjured.

In recent years, enforcement campaigns have helped to reduce the number of crashes caused by drunk driving but far too many people still drive drunk, sometimes with devastating consequences.

‘Alcohol was a factor in 32 percent of all fatal crashes in Virginia last year. DUI crashes caused 4,917 injuries in the state, which was 7.6 percent of all traffic injuries.

Drunk driving destroys lives every year in Virginia and North Carolina. If you have lost a loved one or been injured by a DUI driver you have rights to recover for your injuries. We outline the DUI injury lawsuit process here.


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