Five Die in Fiery Wreck Involving a Tanker Truck in North Carolina

Tanker trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the roads of the United States. We were saddened to read about how a family of four died in a fiery wreck involving a tanker truck on I-95 in North Carolina.

The family died when they were hit by a tractor-trailer in a fiery crash. The wreck also claimed the life of the trucker and shut down I-95 in both directions for almost 12 hours close to Exit 10 in Robeson County.

North Carolina state trooper William Henning confirmed the crash killed three adults and two children in total.

This was a horrific multi-vehicle crash scene close to the South Carolina border. My deepest condolences go to the relatives of those who were killed.

Trooper William Henning confirmed Tuesday that three adults and two children were killed in the crash.

A fiery wreck involving a tanker truck killed five in North Carolina

A tanker truck

The fiery wreck involving a tanker truck shut down both directions of I-95 for almost 12 hours. It involved more than one big rig.

Video from the TV station WTVD, showed two tractor-trailers with badly damaged cabs at the accident scene southwest of Lumberton. A burned SUV was also visible. Pictures posted by other drivers showed fires and thick black smoke.

North Carolina Highway Patrol said six vehicles were involved in Tuesday’s wreck. A Volvo tanker truck was heading south toward a work zone where crews were painting I 95.

Police say the tanker failed to reduce speed, hitting a pickup truck. That pickup truck was pushed forward, causing a chain-reaction accident with two more SUVs.

The Volvo tanker crashed into another tractor-trailer, which hit a third commercial truck. The wreck ignited gasoline in the tanker and the Volvo veered onto the shoulder where it burst into flames.


Fiery Wreck Involving a Tanker Truck Was Not an Isolated Accident

The accident involving a tanker truck in Robeson County, North Carolina, was the latest in a series of fiery wrecks on the highways of the United States.

In April in California, a man died and 10 were injured when a tanker truck collided with other vehicles in a freeway collision.

Every year, we see serious wrecks caused when big rigs fail to slow down at areas like work zones and hit other vehicles with horrendous consequences. There are many causes of these crashes including fatigue and inattention. Read more about accidents involving commercial vehicles here.

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