Five Things Not To Say to the Insurance Company After a Virginia Wreck

If you are involved in a car wreck in Virginia, you are going to end up in dealings with the insurance company.

As personal injury lawyers, it’s our position that it makes sense to call a lawyer if you were hurt due to the fault of another driver and your injuries were anything other than minor. The insurance company will want to settle the case as quickly as possible and to pay you the minimum.

If you are involved in conversations with an insurance company after a wreck you should be strategic and avoid saying anything that will harm your case.

Here are tips on how to deal with the insurance company after a car wreck.

what not to say to the insurance company after a Va wreck

What Not to Say To The Insurance Company After a Wreck

1 Don’t Get Straight on the Phone to Your Insurer

People are often in a state of shock after a car wreck and want to call their insurance company when they are in an emotional state. This approach can be a mistake.

Your first priority after a car crash should be your medical needs. Even though you may not feel you have been injured, the pain can kick in later. Get checked out by your medical provider. After seeking medical attention, you should consider calling a personal injury attorney who can deal with the insurance company on your behalf. We offer free consultations as do many other firms. You are not bound by anything at this stage.

2 Don’t Admit Fault

You should not admit fault to the police officer or the insurance company. When you describe the accident, stick to the facts and don’t add personal opinions.

The insurance companies will work out the blame. You may think you were to blame but not be aware of other circumstances like the fact the other driver went through a red light, had defective brakes or was drunk. Any admission of blame can be used against you in a subsequent lawsuit and it may impact what you can claim.
3 Don’t Say You Were Not Injured

A declaration that you are not injured at the accident scene can impact your case later on. You may think you are not injured when you may have suffered brain damage or have some other internal injury. It can take a day or two for some symptoms to set in.

If you feel any pain, get it checked out by your healthcare provider. Do not sign any medical release forms from the insurance company until you have been properly checked out and spoken to an attorney.

4 Don’t Accept an Early Offer

The first offer from an insurance company is likely to be a low ball offer that fails to compensate you adequately for your injuries. Often people who have been hurt in accidents are short of funds and it’s tempting to take the money. At a later date,  you may discover it was inadequate.

5 Avoid Giving a Recorded Statement

You are not under an obligation to give a recorded statement to an insurance company. Many people make the mistake of believing they are. What you say can be manipulated by the insurance company. An experienced Virginia car accident injury lawyer can advise you on this and other aspects of dealing with the insurance company and take on your case.

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