Five Tips for a Safe and Fun Camping Trip

As spring turns to summer, many people decide to break out the swimsuits and hit the beaches or community pools. However, some families and outdoor enthusiasts chose to immerse themselves within the great outdoors by camping.  Camping can make for fun family memories or even a quick and cheap getaway for friends. 

This great summer pastime is a favorite among many, but before you hit the trails make sure you take a look at these five safety tips, to ensure that your camping trip is both fun and safe.

tips for a safe camping trip

  • Keep fires away from tents. There are few things as terrifying as being trapped in a burning tent. Due to the fact that tents can be flammable, make sure to keep cooking appliances and fires well away from your tent.
  • Be prepared with enough food and water. Know how many people are going to be camping and how many days, so that you can pack enough food and water to sustain everyone.  Packing extra food and water bottles is highly recommended.  Extra water will come in handy for drinking and cooking if there is no clean water source available.
  • Remain at a safe distance from wild animals. When you’re camping, you’re encroaching on their territory, so make sure to keep a safe distance and do not treat them like house pets.  Approaching or feeding them could result in a serious injury.
  • Bring airtight food containers. Plastic household airtight food containers will help to eliminate the scent of food, so that wild animals will not be lured onto your campsite.  If you would like to further your safety, invest in a certified bear-proof container, such as a YETI cooler.  Large containers like this will keep your foods and drinks fresh and your fellow campers safe from wildlife wandering onto your campsite in search of food.
  • Bring a survival/first aid kit. Flashlights, bandages, disinfectants, bug spray, sunscreen, extra batteries, and other various survival essentials can definitely come in handy on a camping trip.  Being prepared always makes for a better and safer outdoor experience.

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we hope this summer brings lots of fun and good memories, but most importantly we hope everyone remains safe as they take advantage of the nice warm weather.

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