Five Vehicle Car Wreck on Suffolk’s Pruden Boulevard Injures Four

Car wrecks are common in Suffolk, and Pruden Boulevard is one of the most dangerous roads in the city.

This stretch of the U.S. 460 is fast-moving and a main artery to the west of the state. Another serious accident was reported here on Saturday evening. reported that emergency crews were called out at 5:28 p.m. Suffolk fire & rescue reported that five vehicles were involved in the crash at the intersection of Old Myrtle Road. Two of the cars rolled over, according to reports.

Four people were transported to a local hospital. I was relieved to read that their injuries were reported to be non-life threatening. Police are investigating the cause of this serious accident. We hope those who were injured make a full discovery.

We have noted many serious and fatal crashes on Suffolk’s Pruden Boulevard. In 2014, an accident at the Old Myrtle Boulevard intersection left a woman dead.

The accident was at the same intersection as Saturday’s – where Pruden Boulevard meets Old Myrtle Road.

Pruden Boulevard sees a lot of wrecks that involve multiple vehicles. One of the most serious occurred in 2013 when two tractor-trailers and six cars were involved in a massive wreck on 460.

Crashes like this are usually caused by careless driving or excess speed. Distracted driving or drunk driving are other possible causes. Often crashes at intersections can be caused by drivers who cut into traffic from side roads or fail to stop at stop signs or red lights. Left turns are another major danger at intersections.

Often drivers fail to appreciate the dangers of intersections in cities like Suffolk, especially when they are driving on fast-moving roads through small communities like 460.

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