From Car Seats to Strollers – Products that Harm Children

By Bill O'Mara, Virginia Injury Lawyer

As a parent of two young children, I’m constantly on the go and rely on a variety of car seats and strollers to keep my kids safe.

As a personal injury lawyer who helps people who have been hurt in accidents caused by faulty products, among other things, I’m acutely aware that our faith in this equipment can be misplaced.

Last year I recorded this video about a Graco stroller that was later recalled because it was severing children’s fingers. Every time I buy something involving my kids I get online and search for defects. Despite taking this safeguard, I bought one of these strollers. About 4.7 million Graco and Century-branded strollers were recalled following 10 reports of full or partial finger tip amputations, according to CNN.

It’s always upsetting to know a product harmed children before it was pulled off the shelves. Children’s car seats, strollers and other equipment have been around for years, and yet the manufacturers still don’t always seem to be able to get it right.

Six years ago in 2011, new regulations were brought in relating to children’s cribs after drop-side cribs were linked to the deaths of infants. Our children are precious and it's heartbreaking to think a badly designed crib or piece of play equipment could have caused the loss of life.

When Buckles Failed to Open on Car Seats

In 2014, Graco was again at the center of a recall over children’s car seats with buckles that would not open. It is terrifying to think of a child being involved in a car crash with the prospect of a fire and his or her parents being unable to get the child out of the seat. Graco recalled of about 4 million child seats. When food or dried liquids got into the buckle, it became very difficult to open, leading to the buckle getting stuck in a closed position.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission publishes a list of recalls. Some of these, such as this girl’s coat that has a part that could be a choking hazard, are related to the safety of children.

A recall does not absolve a company of responsibility if you or your child is harmed by a dangerous product. See our questions and answers about product liability in Virginia, or call our attorneys at (757) 455-0077 for a free consultation.

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