Getting Medical Treatment for Your Injuries After a Virginia Car Crash

By Jim Hurley, Virginia Beach Car Accident Attorney

The top priority after any car crash with injuries is for you to seek proper medical coverage as soon as possible and to obtain follow up care. When there are injuries in a wreck, an ambulance will usually arrive at the accident scene to take you to the emergency room. This is often a very traumatic time and it’s difficult to make decisions. If you are seriously injured you won’t get a choice. However, if your injuries do not appear to be serious and you do not want to deal with an ambulance or an emergency room, you can follow up with your healthcare provider. You can also go to the hospital by private car.

Irrespective of how you seek medical treatment, you should make sure to see a healthcare provider who can properly evaluate and treat your injuries. It’s a good idea to go to a healthcare provider who has seen you in the past  because they are familiar with any past medical issues you have suffered, and can treat you appropriately.

If you do not feel you have been injured you don’t need to seek medical attention but you should bear in mind the fact a car crash is associated with a lot of adrenalin and you may not feel pain until hours or even days after an accident. In a recent blog we pointed out why you should not make an official statement at the accident scene saying you are fine. You should be more circumspect.

Depending on the severity of a car, truck or motorcycle accident, injuries can range from soft tissue injuries to the neck and back, to broken bones, serious nerve damage and internal injuries that will require you to spend many days at the hospital. A common type of injury sustained in an accident is a connective tissue injury to the spine area that can be caused when the collision caused the occupant of a car to be bounced or thrown around.  If you suffer injuries to the neck and back, you could have serious long-term health issues and even paralysis.

What Happens if You Are in a Car Wreck With No Health Insurance?

Millions of Americans lack health insurance coverage. If you have been injured in a car wreck, you will need to find a healthcare provider that will treat you without insurance. If your accident was caused by another party, we can help you. An experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer will know which doctors will treat you without coverage, essentially on credit to be paid out of your case.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Virginia or North Carolina, call our experienced injury lawyers today for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077.

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