Graham the Humanoid Was Built to Survive a Car Crash

If people were built to survive car crashes they would likely look like Graham – a humanoid designed by an Australian sculptor with an oversized head, no neck, and knees that can bend in all directions.

Graham may look comical but there’s a very serious message behind his creation.

He was created by sculptor Patricia Piccinini, in collaboration a road safety campaign in Victoria in Australia and the Transport Accident Commission.

Graham the humanoid was built to withstand a wreck

Graham was built to withstand an accident (Transport Accident Commission)

If the idea was to give road wrecks more prominence, Graham has certainly been a success. He has made headlines and been shared on social media across the world.

Piccinini designed a fictional body that would withstand a car crash. She worked with trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield as well as road safety engineer David Logan to highlight the high number of deaths on the roads.

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers we are well aware of the scale of death and injury on the roads. Every day we are contacted by people who have been hurt in car wrecks on the highways of Virginia or North Carolina. You can read more about collisions here.

Every year, road crashes kill 1.3 million people across the world, according to Association for Safe International Road Travel.

Logan suggested cars have developed a lot faster than the human body’s ability to respond to crashes.

He said:

“Cars have evolved much faster than we have. Our bodies are just not equipped to handle the forces in common crash scenarios. In the modern world we’re subjecting our bodies to much higher speeds and the body just doesn’t have the physiology to absorb the energy when things go wrong.”

Piccinini said Graham’s large head is his most important feature. As traumatic brain injury lawyers, we are well aware of how a blow to the head can cause permanent damage when you are involved in a car crash. Graham’s oversized head large offers more protection than a human skull from concussions and traumatic brain injury. His flat nose and fatty face is intended to protect his face. By lacking a neck Graham would likely avoid whiplash or other complications we see such as herniated disks.

Kenfield said the head is a crucial area in crashes. As the head stops, the brain keeps moving forward and can smash against the front part of the skull, causing brain injury.

Graham's Legs Are Built to Withstand Auto-Pedestrian Wrecks

Graham’s distinctive inflated chest along with 10 extra nipples acts as natural airbags to protect his rib cage from collapse and damage to his heart or lungs.

Graham’s legs are intended to minimize injury in the event of a car-pedestrian accident. They are very muscular, helping him to jump out of the way of an approaching car and his knees would bend in all directions, in the event of a crash, to help prevent fractures. His skin is extra thick to prevent grazing and cuts.

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