How a Chiropractor Can Help After an Injury

By John Cooper, Norfolk Injury Lawyer

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers our clients work with a number of chiropractors to help them recover from injuries. In our February newsletter we profiled one of Hampton Roads' longest established chiropractors, Dr. Lonnie Slone. Here's the interview with Dr Slone.

Dr. Lonnie Slone has been a chiropractor since 1982 and says healthcare has changed beyond recognition over the past three decades. In that time he has seen a massive influx of chiropractors into Hampton Roads, VA. Slone is one of a number of chiropractors who have treated the back and neck injuries of the clients of Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. John Cooper notes, “Lonnie is a true professional, and his friendly manner means the patients always love treating with him.”

Slone Chiropractic has grown from small beginnings and now has offices in Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth and Richmond. “When I started there were probably six chiropractors in Hampton Roads. I was one of the six,” Slone said. “Now there must be more than 100 chiropractors. My profession is the largest drugless healing art in the world today.”

Slone enjoys working with patients who have suffered accident-related injuries. “I like the fact there’s a beginning, a middle and an end to an injury case,” he said.

Slone sees the chiropractic profession as unusual because it delivers almost instantaneous results. “We call ourselves the feelgood clinic. If it doesn’t feel good you tell me and we stop,” said Slone. The range of treatments given by chiropractors includes motion analysis studies, spinal adjustments, posture evaluations and rehabilitative therapy.

In the above video, he demonstrates a spinal adjustment. Sloan said some people who have never been to a chiropractor can be alarmed about the idea of an adjustment, until they have one. “We get to provide immediate muscle relaxation, inhibit the perception of pain and to provide instantaneous pain relief to the people that we see,” he said.

The fact that chiropractors can provide instant results fuels talk about them performing miracles, says Slone. “A mechanical problem requires a mechanical fix,” he points out. Slone said pills don’t do the same job. Slone says he does a really thorough examination and history when he treats a patient. “If you go to a doctor and they treat you for 30 seconds, that’s not really an examination.”

Slone says his treatment plans span 5 or 6 weeks and sometimes less. Rehabilitation is a big part of the process. Slone says rehabilitation exercises can prevent injuries from reoccurring.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers’ clients often choose chiropractors in general, and Dr. Slone in particular, to treat their back or neck injuries from car accidents. Other medical professionals who see our clients for injuries include orthopedic doctors, neurosurgeons, and physical and rehabilitative physicians. Having a good relationship between the patient and doctor is key to good outcomes.

“I know Jim and John personally. I know how diligent they are. They are wonderful people and hard workers. They really care for their clients,” said Lonnie Slone.


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