John Cooper Is Re-Elected as a Governor of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers’ partner John Cooper has been re-elected as a governor-at-large at the annual convention of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

The 2017 convention of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association is being held at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. John is at the event along with Jim Hurley, Bill O’Mara and Griff O’Hanlon from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers.

The three-day event includes talks on ethics and dealing with difficult witnesses and clients.

The governor-at-large position makes up the pool of attorneys from whom officers including the president of the VTLA are later selected.

John Cooper has taken part in various leadership roles at the VTLA. He has served as a co‑chair of the fundraising committee.  The committee raises money to ensure the organization operates on budget to accomplish its mission.  The mission of VTLA includes educating personal injury attorneys across the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as lawyers in other specializations through CLE (continuing legal education) programs and other seminars.

The Greenbrier was the venue for the VTLA convention

The VLTA convention was held at The Greenbrier

John played an important role in organizing and moderating the important May torts seminars in 2016. They were held across the state in Virginia Beach, Fairfax, Roanoke, and Richmond. Last year’s events focused on underinsured motorist coverage.

"I am so proud to be a part of VTLA which is a great organization which focuses on making attorneys better at what they do and ensuring people access to the courthouse," John said.

Before he was appointed as a governor-at-large, John was a 2nd District governor for the VTLA, covering Norfolk and Virginia Beach. He was also named by the VTLA to co-chair its Public Affairs Committee which oversees programs including bringing car safety information to high schools.

The VTLA describes itself as a voluntary bar association “dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills and professionalism of trial lawyers and committed to improving the law and the fairness of Virginia’s system of justice.”

It’s the largest organization of its kind in the Commonwealth of Virginia with about 2,200 members, representing clients in a vast number of practice areas.

John Cooper said he tried to explain the “important work that VTLA does on behalf of trial lawyers and their customers.”

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