Left-Hand Turns By Cars Can Be Deadly for Motorcyclists

In a recent article, the Albany Times Union warned it’s “left turn season” for motorcyclists.

The article cited police who warmed more riders are on the roads over the summer months and motorists need to be even more aware of them when they are making left turns.

It’s sound advice. Statistics reveal left-turn accidents are one of the most significant causes of fatal and serious motorcycle accidents.

The Problem With Left Turns

Recently, the Washington Post reported on how left-hand turns are unsafe for everyone. Federal statistics reveal 53.1 percent of crossing path accidents involve left turns but only 5.7 percent involve right turns. Just this week a motorist in Chesapeake was killed in a left-hand turn wreck.

Motorcyclists are even more vulnerable to cars making left turns. Often drivers are distracted or are looking out for other cars. They are not looking out for motorcycles.

left turns are a danger for motorcyclists

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Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found 36 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes involve a left turn and these accidents account for 42 percent of collisions between motorcyclists and cars.

In these scenarios, the driver of a truck, a car or an SUV, hits a motorcyclist while making a turn or the motorcyclist is unable to avoid the vehicle in time and hits its side.

Motorcyclists lack protection. Figures show they are almost 40 times more likely to be killed in a crash than drivers or passengers.  Even if they survive, they often suffer serious injuries such as head injuries or back injuries.

If you are making a turn you should always look out to make sure the road is clear. Don’t just look for cars, buses or trucks but also be aware of riders who may be approaching fast.

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