Memorial Day Weekend Driving is More Dangerous Than Earlier in the Year

Thousands of drivers are expected to converge on the interstates and highways of Virginia this weekend as the Memorial Day weekend gets underway.

AAA estimates as many as 2.6 percent more Virginians will travel over the holiday weekend this year compared to last year. A staggering 90 percent of Virginians are expected to drive over the weekend, reported.

While it’s great to see friends and family over the Memorial Day weekend, you should exercise care on the roads. Typically, accidents spike over the holidays and Memorial Day is no exception.

Often deaths on the roads of Virginia reach double figures over the Memorial Day weekend.

Virginia State Police has urged drivers to buckle up and move over when they see the lights of emergency vehicles at the side of the road.

Virginia has a “move over” law that says drivers must change if it is safe to do so if emergency personnel like police and fire trucks, highway maintenance vehicles and tow trucks with flashing lights are at the side of the road.

Every year emergency workers are hurt by drivers who fail to change lanes or reduce their speed. Our personal injury lawyers represented a tow truck driver who was badly injured on the Monitor-Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel in Newport News. You can read about it here on our website.

Nationally more than 39 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles over the Memorial holiday weekend.

The American Safety Council notes traffic fatalities are 32 percent higher on Memorial Weekend than in the preceding weeks.

However, statistics suggest the July 4 holiday is the most deadly holiday of the year. Typically, holidays are more hazardous times of the year to drive because of the sheer volume of traffic on the roads, road rage and intoxicated drivers.

Here are some tips for Memorial Day Weekend Driving

  • If you are setting out to visit relatives or friends, give yourself plenty of time to get there
  • Make regular stops to avoid the dangers of drowsy driving
  • Don’t be distracted by mobile devices or passengers
  • Don’t consume alcohol and drive
  • Don’t rush to get to your destination and break the speed limit
  • Follow Virginia’s “move over” law if you see an emergency vehicle.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. If you are hurt in an accident make sure to call an experienced Virginia Beach car accident injury lawyer at (757) 455-0077.

Mike Snellings

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