Moped Rider is Killed on Ballentine Boulevard in Norfolk

Time and time again we see motorcyclists killed in Virginia by drivers who are making turns. I was saddened to read it happened again this morning in Norfolk. The wreck claimed the life of a moped rider.

Norfolk police reported that the fatal crash occurred at Ballentine Boulevard and E. Princess Anne Road Thursday morning.

Daniel Hudson, a Norfolk police spokesman, told a Jeep was trying to turn onto Ballentine northbound when it collided with the moped. The Jeep driver remained at the wreck scene. Police said alcohol did not appear to be a factor in this fatal crash.

My thoughts are with the family of the rider who died. Investigators are looking into which party had the right of way and talking to witnesses in the area. The investigation is set to be turned over to the Commonwealth’s Attorney once the police probe is completed.

The Rights of a Moped Rider in a Turn Crash

When drivers are making a turn they have an obligation to look out for other vehicles. Unfortunately, they are often focused on cars and trucks but fail to see motorcyclists. When cars make a left turn without seeing a rider they can hit the motorcycle, scooter or moped or not give the rider time to react. Even if the rider avoids the car, he or she can be injured or killed taking evasive action.

You can read more about dangers to motorcyclists from drivers making left turns here.

The intersection of Ballentine Boulevard and E. Princess Anne Road has been closed as due to the crash. Traffic is being detoured through a nearby parking lot.

When a motorcyclist or a moped driver is involved in an accident with an SUV, the motorcyclist will suffer the most serious injuries in almost all instances. Riders are vulnerable and lack the protection of a metal frame.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are almost 40 times more likely to be killed in an accident than other motorists.

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