Motorcyclist Who Lost Leg After Rural Virginia Crash is Awarded $1.25 Million

Far too many motorcyclists suffer horrific injuries when they are hit by cars, vans and trucks that make left turns or pull out onto roads without noticing them.

This was the case in Virginia. The crash with injuries led to a lawsuit that resulted in a settlement for a motorcyclist.

All cases are different and no case is a predictor of another. The motorcyclist was awarded a settlement of $1.25 million, reported Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

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The motorcyclist was riding in a rural town in Virginia when he was struck by a car leaving a fast-food restaurant.

The impact knocked the rider off his bike and he skidded across the road. He sustained fractures and severe soft tissue injuries to his right lower leg.

The rider’s treating orthopedic surgeon recommended amputation of his right leg below the knee. He also sustained a severe pelvic fracture.

The motorcyclist was hospitalized at VCU over two separate periods. He also underwent lengthy rehabilitation at a rehab facility.

The motorcyclist hired lawyers to make a claim against  the insurance company of the at-fault driver. He was employed as plumber at a university but was facing a considerable lay off from work due to his injury. He expects to return to work at some point with the use of a prosthesis.

He is able to drive his car with hand controls. His medical expenses totaled $224,496 and he lost more than $9,400 in wages. Lawyers for the plaintiff provided a life care plan that addresses his future medical expenses.

Liberty Mutual tendered a $250,000 automobile liability insurance policy as well as a $1 million umbrella policy limit. The case was settled for $1.2 million before a suit was filed.

The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Thomas J. McNally and Michael W. Lantz from Richmond.

Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable users of Virginia’s highways. We repeatedly see instances when they are hit by drivers who emerge from businesses or make turns.

The disproportionately dangerous nature of motorcycle crashes is illustrated by the fact that motorcyclists were involved in 1.7 percent of all crashes in the Virginia in 2014, and 11 percent of fatal crashes.

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