Motorcyclists and Insurance Coverage in Virginia

If you are a motorcyclist, it’s important that you get good insurance coverage. Typically, injuries sustained in a riding accident are worse than those experienced by motorists. We hope you are never in a crash but if you are you will need to recover the most.

Many people are oblivious to insurance issues. It means they can fail to get the best coverage for them in the event of an accident. Many people don’t think they’ll ever be in an accident. In recent years we have seen more older riders on powerful machines as Harleys become more popular with the baby boomer generation.

Cooper Hurley book on motorcycle wrecks

Cooper Hurley's book about Virginia motorcycle accidents

In fact, you are likely to be involved in an accident once every 17.9 years, according to a study in Forbes.

Here are some important insurance terms from our book What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Accidents in Virginia.


Liability protects the person who causes the wreck and pays for damages caused by the wreck up to the policy limits.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If the person who causes a motorcycle wreck in Virginia, has no insurance policy or if they flee the scene and can’t be traced, this policy can protect you. It also comes into play if the person who hit you has less insurance coverage than you have.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage is also known as medical expense coverage or medical expense coverage. It’s an optional coverage on car or motorcycle insurance that allows for the payment of medical bills when you are injured in a motorcycle accident regardless of fault. The optional coverage allows for payment of medical bills when you are injured in a motorcycle accident, regardless of fault.

You paid for this coverage so you should use it. You should be aware that medical payments coverage applies even if you have health insurance that also covers your medical bills. Many people are unaware that they have this coverage and never inquire about possible reimbursement of their medical bills. When you use med pay, the insurance company of the driver who hit you remains responsible for the full amount of the bills as if you didn’t have this coverage.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash or any other kind of wreck, please don’t hesitate to call our car accident injury lawyers in Virginia or North Carolina. Call at (757) 455-0077 or contact us here.

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