Multi-Vehicle Wreck on Military Highway in Chesapeake Leaves Three People Injured

Our Chesapeake car crash injury lawyers have represented a considerable number of people injured in wrecks on Military Highway in the city. I was saddened to read about another multi-vehicle collision.

Military Highway is a busy road with many dangerous intersections. It’s also a key commuter route and drivers may be rushing to get to work or distracted as they exit or enter the ramps for I-64.

On August 23, a multi-vehicle collision occurred at Military Highway and Canal Street. It resulted in injuries to three people.  Photographs from the scene showed a large, pick-up truck with heavy front-end damage and another vehicle flipped over.  Initial reports from the Chesapeake Police Department suggest that the accident occurred when one of the vehicles rear-ended the others which were stopped at a red light.

Military Highway and Canal Street, Chesapeake

Military Highway and Canal Street in Chesapeake

Two of the people who were hurt were transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for medical treatment.

Like many accidents we read about, the media loses interest after the initial report. However, the struggle is ongoing for those injured in the crash.

Inattentiveness and excess speed are common causes of rear-end collisions.  Our quick access to technology also creates an atmosphere ripe for distracted driving.  It is easy to forget that just a few seconds of inattentiveness can cause a collision.  During the time it takes to read a short text message or change the radio station, a traffic light can change from green to red, the car in front of you can stop for traffic or a child can dart out into the road.  These dangers are even more present with excessive speeds.

If you were injured by a careless, reckless or a distracted driver, you have rights to file a claim against the driver who caused the accident.

I hope those hurt in the recent wreck on Military Highway make a full and fast recovery, but I am aware of how long the healing process can take.

If you suffered injuries in a rear-end collision, it is very possible that the at-fault driver was distracted in some fashion.  Contact Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers at (757) 455-0077 to discuss the facts of your case during a free consultation.

Griff O'Hanlon

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