Negotiating Car Accident Cases With Insurance Companies

As an experienced personal injury attorney in Virginia, one of the main tasks that I do each day and each week is to negotiate with the insurance adjusters on behalf of my clients to try to get the most money possible in their personal injury cases. 

Car insurance

Although there is no single way to do it, I have my techniques and systems for handling these sometimes tricky negotiations.  I've found that some of the key components to a successful resolution of an automobile accident where my client's been hurt by somebody else's fault include the following.

  1. Know the insurance company and the specific adjuster.  Because Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers handles lots of cases, we have a pretty good idea in advance about how any given company whether GEICO, State Farm, Nationwide or Progressive deal with cases like the one that we're negotiating on.  Each insurance company has a system, and it helps to know how the negotiations are likely to go forward including what the authority is, or level of money of the insurance claims representative that we're talking with.
  1. Know the insurance policy limits and available coverage.  A lot of times successful negotiation takes into consideration how much insurance coverage there is and what additional coverage may be available with a different insurance company or a different policy.  This is really where an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney who knows how insurance law works makes a difference.   We know how to make sure to maximize the coverage even when the insurance company may try to hide how much insurance is available.  There are some new laws in Virginia which allow us to force the insurance company to tell us how much insurance there is and we know the right questions to ask to make sure that we get all available insurance coverage on the table.
  1. We stand ready, willing and able to take the case into suit, and so we know at what point to stop negotiating and put the case into suit when necessary.  Obviously, that decision is one that needs to be taken with the client and decisions need to be made on a case-by-case basis.  However having the ability to actually file suit to show them that we're not going to just take some unfair offer is key to successful negotiation of a personal injury case.

We truly believe that we have the knowledge and experience to make sure to get maximum value for our clients on their personal injury cases. 

An experienced automobile accident attorney has specialized knowledge which would not be known to the average person no matter how educated if they don't handle claims on a daily basis as we do.  Sometimes we even educate the insurance representatives about some special aspect of the law that they perhaps were not as familiar with as they should be.  Negotiating good results for our clients is what we strive to do every day at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers.

John Cooper


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