New Jersey Bus Crash Leaves One Dead, Seven Critically Injured

When buses crash, the consequences can be terrible for passengers. I was saddened to hear about another bus crash Friday that left one person dead and 20 injured when two buses collided in Newark, New Jersey.

Media reports described how two New Jersey Transit buses crashed into each other close to the intersection of North Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard in downtown Newark.

One of the buses had no passengers on board but the driver died, according to New Jersey Transit Police.

The other bus was carrying about 19 passengers who suffered serious injuries. Seven were reported to be in a critical condition, according to Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.

The driver of that bus was transported to a hospital for neck, shoulder and back injuries, police said. My thoughts are with those who were injured in this serious crash.

Details are still emerging about the cause of this crash but it appears one of the buses ran a red light at an intersection. The crash caused major disruption in Newark.

In recent years, a series of terrible bus crashes have raised questions about safety standards in the tour bus industry. However, the buses in this crash were local transit buses and it appears a driver error at an intersection was the cause of the wreck.

We have seen some terrible bus crashes in the last few decades in the USA. In 1989, a bus crashed into a lake in Texas killing 19 high school students.

In 2011, a bus overturned at high speed on I-95 in the Bronx in New York, killing 14 people. In the same year, four people were killed and dozens were injured when the driver of a tour bus fell asleep in Caroline County, Virginia and crashed off the interstate.

Bus crashes occur more infrequently than auto accidents but their consequences are often serious. Often a driver is liable while a bus company can also be sued. The bus crashes of recent years have raised alarming questions about some operators who appear to have been forcing long schedules on fatigued drivers.

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Griff O'Hanlon

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