New Study Points to Inadequate Headlights on SUVs

Headlights are vital during daylight hours as well as at night in states like Virginia where sudden downpours can reduce visibility to almost zero. We are, therefore, concerned to read a new study that points to inadequate headlights on SUVs.

Research released this week by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows many midsize SUVs struggle to light up the roads in front of them at night.

The Institute looked at headlights on 37 different models. The report was critical. Only two received good reviews and 11 models received poor grades.

Inadequate headlights on SUVs - the Kia Sorento was close to the bottom of the table

The Kia Sorento has poor headlights

The IIHS found these inadequate headlights could pose a danger in some cases. For instance, the headlights on the Dodge Journey may prevent drivers from seeing obstacles in the road with sufficient time to properly react.

The Kia Sorento was one of the worst SUVs tested by the IIHS. Senior research engineer Matthew Brumbelow said the beams are so poor drivers should not exceed 35 mph at night.

Of trucks that were tested, the Ford F-150 was found to have inadequate headlights. Despite being one of the institute’s top rated pickups on overall performance, its headlight performance – including LED lights – was found to be “inadequate” in all tests.

Headlights on the Volvo XC60 returned the highest score in the survey.

Inadequate Headlights on SUVs Pose Dangers

Headlights are not just a cosmetic feature. If you are driving with poor headlights you are more likely to fail to see a vehicle in front of you or an obstacle in the road.

We were shocked to read the IIHS study showing inadequate headlights on SUVs.

Engineers say that while manufacturers believed they were doing a good job in designing headlights, they were paying inadequate attention to installation.

The IIHS said many of the automakers are already making changes. From next year, headlights must perform well for a vehicle to earn the institute’s highest safety rating.

If poor headlights cause a crash with injuries, those who are hurt may have grounds to sue a carmaker as well as the driver who caused the accident under the law of product liability. You can read more about it on our website.

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