Observations By a Virginian Personal Injury Lawyer on Driving Abroad

I recently went to Colombia with my family for a vacation.  Colombia's a beautiful country but the roads are a challenge compared to the U.S.  Many of the roads we were driving on were twisting, one-lane highways going up into the mountains.  They had some strange road signs which indicated that there was a risk of a wreck ahead with a yellow and black sign that just shows two cars colliding.  It made me realize how lucky we really are in America with our infrastructure.

As much as I complain about the construction on Interstate 64 through Newport News and the rush-hour traffic in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, I realize that we actually have it pretty good.  First, we have good paved roads mostly with shoulders.  Safety features like guardrails and clear lane markings help reduce the severity of and risk of accidents.  In Colombia, which is a beautiful mountainous place with steep drop-offs, I am often getting white knuckles at the thought of going over the side of the mountain and crashing because there's not too much other than some plantain trees separating the roadway from the drop-off down the mountain.

U.S. roads are safer than those in many countries

The approach to the HRBT

The other thing that we have in the U.S. that we can be proud about are lots of hospitals and emergency rooms.  I often wonder when I'm in Colombia whether they would be able to even provide the proper emergency medical treatment to me or a family member if something should happen.  Even in relatively rural places like far-western Virginia we still have a lot of resources and a real Trauma 1 facility is never that far away at least by helicopter if nothing else.

One of the great advantages of travel is it opens your eyes to how the rest of the world is really quite different.  It makes me glad to be an American and a Virginian.  It's always nice to get home and have a new appreciation for our highways even though they are sometimes crowded and under repair.

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