Pedestrian is Hit by a Car in Chincoteague on the Eastern Shore

Over the summer months, large numbers of vacationers swell resorts like Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and locations on the Eastern Shore. There is greater potential for pedestrian accidents. We were alarmed to read about how a pedestrian was hit by a car in Chincoteague.

A report on said the pedestrian was struck and suffered a head injury on Saturday, according to Chincoteague Police.

Chief of Police James R. Mills told the TV channel a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the 4300 block of Deep Hold Road. The victim suffered a head injury but it was reported to be non-life-threatening.

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Chincoteague is a popular town for tourists close to the state line with Maryland famous for its wild horses, lighthouse, and beaches.

Few details are available on this wreck. We hope the pedestrian makes a good recovery.

It’s rare to be hit by car in Chincoteague but every year scores of pedestrians lose their lives on the streets of Virginia.

In May, two pedestrians lost their lives when they were mown down by a Henrico Police car.

This terrible accident occurred just after 2 a.m. on Williamsburg Road near Aspen Shades Parkway, close to the intersection with South Laburnum Avenue in Richmond. The officer was reportedly traveling westbound the two pedestrians were struck, sustaining fatal injuries.

WAVY reported the police officer was on duty but was not involved in a pursuit at the time of the accident. Police were also seeking another vehicle that may have been involved in the wreck and may have could have hit one of the pedestrians.

You can read more about car accidents with pedestrians here on our website.

The highways of Hampton Roads are often pedestrian-unfriendly. They lack sidewalks and crosswalks. According to Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (78 pedestrians lost their lives, and 1,718 were injured in Virginia in 2015. Pedestrians are more likely to lose their lives than cyclists. In the same year, the deaths of 15 cyclists were recorded in Virginia. About a third of all deaths of people on foot were attributable to alcohol. Drivers speeding accounted for nine pedestrian fatalities and injuries to 93 in 2015.

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