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Personal Injury Features in Virginia’s Largest Jury Verdicts

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Personal Injury Features in Virginia’s Largest Jury Verdicts

Many personal injury cases were featured in a list of the largest jury verdicts in Virginia in 2016.

The list is published in Virginia Lawyers Weekly. All cases are unique and different and no result is a predictor of a future result. The cases include car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice lawsuits.

Here is a list of some of the biggest cases of last year:

DUIs cause deaths in Virginia

$6 Million to the Estate of a Man Killed by a Drunk Driver in Fauquier County

A jury awarded $6 million to the estate of a man who was killed by a drunken driver. The DUI driver attended a barbecue in Northern Virginia. He illegally tried to pass an RV and a trailer when he collided head-on with another car. He was traveling at 75 mph in a 45 mph zone. The other driver was killed in the wreck.

The estate was represented by attorney Kevin Locklin of Manassas.

$3.74 Million In a Dental Malpractice Case in Hampton Roads

A man from Hampton Roads complained of pain and swelling to the lower side of his mouth in 2010. He asked his dentist to check it out. The dentist took an x-ray, extracted a tooth and sent the man home without medication. Hours later he complained of severe mouth pain and the dentist’s office called in a prescription painkiller.

He ended up at Chesapeake General Hospital where the infection was diagnosed. The plaintiff was transferred to Norfolk General Hospital where he was diagnosed with a flesh-eating bacteria in his throat and chest.

He required extensive treatment including skin grafts and the insertion of a feeding tube.

The plaintiff’s medical experts told a trial he could have been fully treated if his dentist had prescribed antibiotics when he first arrived at the office.

A jury in Norfolk awarded the man $3.74 million. The attorneys in the case were James P. St Clair of Virginia Beach and Michael R. Davis of Portsmouth.

$2.6 million to Driver Seriously Injured in the Isle of Wight

A driver was seriously injured on State Route 10 in the Isle of Wight. A vehicle veered into his lane and hit him head-on.

The victim sustained serious injuries including a Saunders IV calcaneal in his right heel. It took 18 months for the injury to heal. The at-fault driver was behind the wheel of a work vehicle. This meant a number of insurance policies came into play.

Isle of Wight is not known for handing out large verdicts. However, the driver’s testimony, along with that of his wife, led the jury to award him $2.6 million.

The lawyers for the plaintiff were Jason Konvicka and Malcolm McConnell III of Richmond.

$1.87 Million For Woman Who Suffered Complications After Gallbladder Surgery

A surgeon in northern Virginia removed a gallstone from a woman in 2012. She claimed the surgeon mistakenly extracted part of her bile duct. She developed bile duct peritonitis and became ill.

She was told to present to an emergency room after spitting up black bile. However, a nurse failed to report the event to a surgeon. The woman eventually reported to an urgent care center and saw specialists who treated her.

A jury in Fredericksburg awarded $1.87 million to the woman. The jury did not find fault in the treating surgeon but found the nurse was negligent in failing to take action over the post-surgical problems the woman faced.

The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Ben Glass and James Abrenio of Fairfax, VA.

$1.8 Million for Woman Who Won Case Against Plastic Surgeon

A woman sued a plastic surgeon in a medical malpractice case after experiencing post procedure difficulties.

The woman underwent a breast reduction, an abdominoplasty and liposuction. The wound from the surgery developed necrosis. The plastic surgeon advised her to wait for the surgery wound to heal.

When a seroma erupted, the woman was admitted to an emergency room in Norfolk. The wound was treated and the woman sued the plastic surgeon.

A jury in Richmond Circuit Court, heard evidence claiming the plastic surgeon took too much tissue in the liposuction procedure. The jury agreed and awarded the woman $1.8 million.

The attorneys for the plaintiff were Lee Livingston, Lisa Brook and Ellen Bognar of Charlottesville.

$1.5 Million to Driver Injured in the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel

We have written on many occasions about the dangers of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT).  In Hampton Circuit Court, a jury awarded $1.5 million over a rear-end accident in 2013.

A driver failed to see a woman stopped in front of her at the HRBT and slammed into the back of her at 60 mph.

The woman was able to get out of her car before she was taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center for evaluation. She suffered fractures of two toes on her left foot.  She was later discharged from the hospital with a walking boot.

The woman was later diagnosed with occipital neuralgia as well as her foot injuries. All settlement offers were rejected and a jury awarded her $1.5 million.

The woman was represented by Richard Aufenger, III and Thomas Fitzgerald II, of Newport News.

$1.5 Million Award After Doctor Fails to Diagnose Cancer

A failure to diagnose by a doctor is one of the major causes of medical malpractice. In Hampton Roads, a woman went to a Patient First facility in Jan. 2013, Virginia Lawyers Weekly reported.

An x-ray of her chest came back as normal and she was referred to a pulmonologist for further evaluation.

The pulmonologists failed to pick up on the signs of cancer in the patient. By the time it was diagnosed, it had grown from stage 1 to stage 4 cancer.

Lawyers for the women argued had a CT scan been ordered, the medical provider would have diagnosed the cancer. The opportunity for a cure was lost in a year of non-treatment.

A jury in Chesapeake Circuit Court awarded $1.505 million. The attorneys for the plaintiff were Judith Cofield and Carlton Bennett from Virginia Beach.

$1 Million Award to Yoga Teacher After Norfolk Accident

A yoga teacher was leaving her job as a counselor at a high school in Norfolk when she was broadsided by a vehicle on Granby Street. She was diagnosed with a disc bulge and a disc protrusion. She incurred another $16,000 in medical expenses and never received treatment for her disc issues because she could not afford it.

A jury in Norfolk Circuit Court awarded the yoga teacher $1 million. She was represented by attorney William D. Breit of Virginia Beach.

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John Cooper

John Cooper is a veteran of personal injury law practice in Virginia. A native Virginian, he was raised in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. He has more than 20 years of experience handling personal injury cases and recently handled the largest auto accident settlement in 2010, according to VA Lawyers Weekly. The award provided $3.5 million to a child whose young father died when the vehicle he was a passenger in was rear-ended by a careless truck driver.

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Jim Hurley

Jim Hurley has been practicing law throughout Virginia for more than two-and-a-half decades. During his career, he has tried more than 100 jury trials — a staggering number — and handled hundreds more that were settled out of court. He is guided by the principle that the client is in charge of his or her case and should be kept fully aware of the litigation process. Jim has been awarded an AV Rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating given, for his practice of law. He was named in Virginia Super Lawyers in 2014, 2015, 2016.

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Bill O’mara

Bill O’Mara started his legal career in 2008, moving back to his home town of Chesapeake, VA. He has practiced in the field of plaintiffs’ personal injury and other litigation. He has gained extensive court room and trial experience, including contested trials before judges and juries across Hampton Roads. In 2014, Mr. O’Mara joined Injury Lawyers as an associate attorney. He became a partner in 2017.

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