Police Link Excess Speed to Fatal Big Rig Crash on I-664 Ramp in Newport News

Excess speed and a heavy tractor-trailer is a potentially deadly combination. I was saddened to read about a fatal truck crash in Newport News this morning after a driver appeared to lose control of his rig at a high speed.

Sgt. Michelle Anaya of Virginia State Police said 61-year-old Wendell Ross Loflin, of Gottoes, Virginia, was ejected during the crash and lost his life at the scene. He was not wearing a seatbelt, according to reports.

Newport News truck wreck

The badly mangled truck (Virginia State Police)

Virginia State Police said he was traveling south on I-664 at a high rate of speed and attempted to take the 35th Street exit ramp off the interstate. The tractor-trailer, a 2014 Freight Liner fully-loaded with cardboard boxes, hit an impact barrier wall, continued down the jersey wall and flipped over.

Images were released from the scene by Virginia State Police. They showed a badly mangled tractor-trailer.

Virginia Department of Transportation stated the accident caused the closure of southbound entrance ramps at 35th Street, 26th Street, and 23rd Street from downtown Newport News.

State Police are looking into the cause of the wreck. According to the media, they say it’s not clear if alcohol played a role in the crash.

This month we are looking closely at tractor-trailer accidents in Virginia and examining what causes them.

Excess speed is a factor in many trucking accidents. It takes a fully loaded big rig the length of two football pitches to stop and even longer in bad weather conditions.

We don’t yet know the cause of the truck wreck in Newport News but speed appears to have been a factor. If other vehicles had been on the 35th Street exit ramp this crash could have claimed more lives.

Driver fatigue is also a massive problem in the trucking industry. Often tired truck drivers who have been driving through the night end up in early morning wrecks.

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