Police Officer Injured in a Dam Neck Road Crash with SUV

Crashes involving motorcycles and cars and SUVs are all too common in Hampton Roads. We were concerned to read about how a Virginia Beach police officer was injured this morning in a Dam Neck Road crash.

It was the second crash in three days involving a motorcycle. On Tuesday, a motorcyclist was seriously hurt in a crash in the Ghent area of Norfolk.

Police reported a Virginia Beach patrol officer was injured in a Dam Neck Roads crash following a collision with an SUV.

Police tweeted that the accident happened on the northbound side of Dam Neck Road. The road was shut at Monet Drive but has since reopened. The initial call about the crash came in around 10:16 a.m.

The police department said the injuries to the officer are not considered to be life-threatening. No further details were available on the accident.

Office is Injured in a Dam Neck Road Crash

Dam Neck Road and Monet Drive

Many motorcycle wrecks occur at intersections. Often they are very serious for the motorcyclist as riders lack the protection afforded by the frame of a car.

Police officers and state troopers play a very important role on our highways. They are exposed to dangers on a daily basis.

In 2014, we noted how excess speed was linked to a six-vehicle crash that sent a Virginia State Police trooper and another driver to an area hospital on I-264.

Media reports suggested the crash occurred in Norfolk in the westbound lanes of I-264 at Newtown Road.

Virginia State Police said a trooper was attempting to pull over a speeding driver when the driver made a sudden lane change to avoid stopped traffic. The trooper was unable to stop or maneuver around the stopped vehicles. He hit one of the vehicles from behind.

Cop Injured in a Dam Neck Road Crash – The Move Over Law

Drivers have a responsibility to look out for motorcyclists at intersections. They are also meant to give emergency service personnel space to do their job.

Virginia’s ‘move over’ law stipulates that drivers must pull over a lane if they see flashing lights by the side of the road or slow down.

The ‘move over’ law also applies to ambulances, fire trucks, and tow truck drivers. All of these workers do a very important and dangerous job on the highways of Virginia.

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