Red Light Runner Accidents – Virginia Beach Receives New Cameras

red light runner accidents are cut by camerasRed light runner accidents are commonplace at Virginia Beach’s busy intersections. However, there is clear evidence that the installation of ‘PHOTOSafe cameras deters many drivers from taking the risk of beating the light.

Recently, the Virginian-Pilot reported that red-light cameras become operational at two new locations in the city in November.

These are busy intersections at Town Center that see many wrecks every year.

New cameras became operational at the intersection of Independence and Virginia Beach boulevards. One covers the southbound side of this giant intersection and the other is on eastbound Virginia Beach Boulevard.

The two new cameras mean all approaches to the intersection are now covered. A new camera is due to be fitted to lights at Lynnhaven Parkway and Rosemont Road by the end of this year.

Although drivers who run the red lights in the first month after the cameras arrive will receive a warning, they will be mailed a $50 fine if they are caught more than 30 days after the cameras become operational.

One all of the new cameras have been installed in Virginia Beach, the city will see its total number of red light cameras increased from 13 to 20.

Other intersections to be covered by cameras include southbound Lynnhaven Parkway at International Parkway, the hazardous intersection at Holland Road and Rosemont Road and northbound Independence at Bonney Road.

By the end of 2016, cameras will have arrived at Northampton Boulevard at Diamond Springs Road, Princess Anne Road at Dam Neck and other locations.

Cameras Cut the Number of Red Light Runner Accidents

The cameras first arrived in 2009. The city says intersections that received cameras saw a 12 percent decrease in wrecks.

Virginia Beach is one of a group of Hampton Roads cities to have fitted red light cameras. Neighboring Norfolk and Chesapeake have them along with Newport News on the Peninsula.

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A man in his twenties from the Eastern Shore of Virginia suffered a brain injury when he was hit by a pick-up truck that ran a red light at Independent Boulevard and Virginia Beach Boulevard, the latest intersection to receive new cameras. You can read more about the case result here.

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