Seven are Injured When Car Hits Chesapeake Post Office

By Bill O'Mara, Chesapeake Injury Lawyer

Accidents in which vehicles drive into buildings happen more often than we would like to think. In some cases, they can be very serious. Chesapeake police reported a serious incident earlier today in which seven people were hurt when a car drove into a post office. reported on the accident in the 1400 block of North Battlefield Boulevard Monday afternoon. Kelly O’Sullivan, a spokeswoman for Chesapeake Police, told the station that the emergency call came in at 12:25 p.m.

Police say seven people were treated for injuries at a local hospital. Fortunately, none of the people in the post office sustained life-threatening injuries. News channels reported that the driver drove into the building from a parking space. Customers were reported to be pinned against the counter as the car fully entered the building.


The accident comes 18 months after an 80-year-old woman drove into the same Chesapeake post office and injured one person. The latest accident is under investigation. This accident raises questions about the level of protection afforded to visitors in this building.

Cars appear to have been driving into buildings with an alarming regularity in Hampton Roads. Last month, five adults and three children were temporarily displaced after a car crashed into an apartment building in the 1500 block of Briarfield Road in Hampton.

On some occasions a vehicle has been driven into a building with such force that it has caused death or serious injury. Three years ago a car crashed into a house in Dale Drive in Portsmouth, injuring a driver and a passenger.

Also in 2013, an elderly couple was hit by a car in their home in Kiln Creek in Newport News. One of the residents died.

The Daily Press later reported on how a 39-year-old woman, pleaded guilty to two felonies — aggravated involuntary manslaughter and DUI maiming — in the May 27, 2013 death of Charles Stitt. The 75-year-old and his wife were in the kitchen of their Timberneck Lane home when the automobile crashed through their house, according to police.

Police say alcohol was also a factor a crash in which wrong way driver crashed into the nTelos Wireless Pavilion in Portsmouth and injured a concertgoer.

Last year, a van crashed into a McDonald’s restaurant in Virginia Beach causing a fire that hurt four people.

Police said a red van was traveling north on General Booth Boulevard. As the driver attempted to make a left turn onto London Bridge Road, the driver had a medical emergency. If you have been injured by a car crashing into a building in Virginia, call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers at 757.455.0077 or visit

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