Summer Heat Brings Dangers at Virginia Pools and Water Parks

With the summer fast approaching and temperatures climbing, many people may find themselves on vacation at hotels with swimming pools or at water parks.  When we are having fun, we may be oblivious to the dangers at Virginia pools and water parks.

In Virginia, there are multiple water parks as well as resort areas in Virginia Beach, Hampton and elsewhere.

At water parks, we assume the rides are safe and we seldom think about the dangers of pools.

dangers at Virginia pools and water parks

One of the main issues associated with these public spaces is the hazard of slipping and falling.  Swimming pools and water parks almost always have an array of wet surfaces that pose a risk for slip and fall injuries.  These areas need to be marked thoroughly so that customers know to use proper caution to avoid injury.

Although pool areas are expected to be slippery, sometimes areas further away from the pools pose a slip hazard. Hotels have a duty to keep their guests safe. If a lifeguard is on duty, he or she is responsible for helping anyone who gets into difficulty.

Dangers at Virginia Pools and Water Parks

According to the National Safety Council as many as 7,000 drowning deaths occur every year and it’s the leading cause of death to children under 5.

Other dangers associated with pools include exposed drains, jagged surfaces, and chemicals in the water.

Water parks also pose an injury risk.  Water parks have many of the same wet surfaces that make public pools dangerous, but the situation is complicated by elaborate water slides and water rides.

While these attractions are appealing to visitors, they still pose a threat of injury.  There have been several recent accidents that have occurred in water parks.

A tragic accident in Kansas made headlines recently when a boy was killed on an extreme ride. It became clear after the accident that the ride suffered from dangerous design flaws.

These extreme slides and rides may be appealing and also fun, but they pose an increased risk for injury due to the forces the human body is subjected to.

As a visitor to a pool or a water park, you have certain rights that protect you against negligence under the law of premises liability.

Enjoy your weekend at Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks but be careful. If you have been hurt at a pool or a water park, please call our experienced premises liability team for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077.

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