Takata Airbag Claims The Life of Teenager from Texas

The recall of Takata air bags has been one of the largest in recent years and was recently expanded beyond 30 million vehicles

Sadly, the deaths and injuries from this dangerous product go on. We were saddened by the news of another recent tragedy involving a Takata air bag that exploded during a fender bender.

News reports said a 17-year-old senior in high school was driving when she collided with a parked car, causing her airbag to deploy.  The faulty inflator on the air bag shot shards of metal at the driver’s neck, ultimately resulting in her death.  To read the full article, click here.

Takata air bags have claimed more than 10 lives

Takata airbags use ammonium nitrate in their inflators, but in humid climates this substance can degrade, causing the metals and small parts to break down.  Takata is the only airbag company that uses this hazardous compound.  The problem is that Takata air bags are so widely used on numerous types of car that millions of vehicles are affected worldwide.

If you a driving with a Takata air bag you could be in danger, particularly in the southern states which have a more humid climate.  The death toll from these faulty air bags has already claimed about a dozen lives and many more people have been injured.

To avoid accidents like this one, check to make sure your vehicle does not have any open recalls.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA offers current updates on recent recalls.  Click here to access this webpage.  The website also offers a tool that allows users to look up their specific vehicle by its Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN.  If you find that your vehicle is in need of a repair from a recall, be sure to contact your local dealership for your automotive manufacturer in order for them to fix the problem free of charge.

The family of the deceased teenager has decided to file suit against Takata, Honda, and several other entities on the basis that they did not receive adequate notification of the recalls and warning of the dangers of these airbags.  As a car accident and wrongful death attorney with three teenage kids of my own, I am saddened to hear about this accident, and my thoughts are with the family.

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