The 10 Most Deadly Jobs in America

Fatal accidents at industrial premises in Hampton Roads often make headlines. Construction workers and shipyard workers have been killed in recent years. However, these are not the most deadly jobs in America.

A list of the most hazardous jobs in the country found logging remains the most dangerous profession.

The top 10 most deadly jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed the number of fatal injuries in the United States rose in 2014 for the first time in four years.

Logging had the unenviable reputation as being the most dangerous job in the country with 111 deaths for every 100,000 loggers. Falling branches and falls in rough terrain contributed to the high death rate.

The fact loggers work in remote areas contributes to the high death rate. If they are seriously injured it may take hours to get to a hospital.

The second most dangerous job in the United States is fishing followed by being an aircraft pilot.

Although commercial jet crashes remain rare, we have seen a considerable number of light plane crashes over the last few years in Virginia.

In August, six people died in a plane crash near Fredericksburg in northern Virginia.

Roofers and refuse collectors were the other two categories of workers to occupy the top five most dangerous jobs.

Delivery and truck drivers occupy the eight most dangerous profession in the United States.

In Virginia, we have seen a considerable number of truckers lose their lives over the past year.

In May this year, a cement truck driver was killed when his rig left the notorious I-64 at Lee Hall north of Newport News and burst into flames. A number of truckers have died on I-64 in this area in recent years. More truck drivers were killed than workers in any other profession – 880 in 2014. However, some of the other professions had more fatal injuries per 100,000 people, meaning they appeared higher up in the deadliest jobs list.

Trucking is dangerous because of the long hours drivers are forced to work and the fact they may be fatigued. When truck accidents do occur they can be very serious.

The 10 Most Deadly Jobs in 2014

1 – Logging Workers

2 – Fishers and related fisheries work

3 – Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

4 – Roofers

5 – Refuse and recyclable material collectors

6 - Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers

7 – Structural iron and steel workers

8 – Drivers, sales workers, and truck drivers

9 – Electrical power line repairers and installers

10 – Taxi drivers and chauffeurs.

Construction work was the 12th most dangerous profession. There were 208 deaths in 2014.

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