The Hazards of Driving in Beautiful Virginia

Any distraction can cause people to make mistakes behind the wheel.  All it takes is a split second of inattention and a car crash can happen.  I wonder what percentage of the car and truck wrecks in Virginia are caused by our beautiful scenery.

improperly loaded trucks lead to crashes

A truck crash on I-64

Whether a sunset over the mountains in the western part of the state or the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay majestically unfolding at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel outside of Virginia Beach, Virginia is for scenery lovers.  The problem is that when somebody like a tourist is admiring the view they may not be doing what they're supposed to be doing to drive safely.  With cars routinely going 100 feet a second or even faster they can get into trouble with the least time of inattention.  No one means to be careless behind the wheel.  However, it happens every day and lives are lost.

If you're enjoying the view as you drive around our lovely state please pull over at a scenic overpass if you want to check out the gorgeous world around you.

Don't rubberneck from your car because it really is a recipe for disaster.  Often when people are looking at something, whether a car accident or a beautiful forest or field they will end up driving slower than they think that they are.

The natural tendency is to slow down.  You also see this when people are texting.  They just start going way under the speed limit.  However, on major highways, there are minimum speed limits.

It's especially dangerous when somebody is in the left-hand lane not going even the speed limit when everyone else is trying to go 10 miles an hour over.  Differential speed is one of the major cause of car wrecks.  Don't get in an accident because you're looking out the window at the view.

Distractions take many forms as we describe on this page. Stay focused on the road and have somebody else take a picture.  Drive safely and stay focused on the road ahead. If you were injured in a wreck due to the fault of another driver, call us at (757) 455-0077.

John Cooper




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